Future Development Plan

Areas with an orange surrounding are the planned areas for development

Latest Projects

The Glide, 10,000 Sq Ft

A new 10,000 sq ft build completed in December 2021 with a large parking area and 2,500 sq ft storage unit included, Currently short term let to Kevothermal to enhance their covid program.

The Glide, 20,000 Sq Ft

Recently approved, adding to Kevothermals existing units, completion is expected in July 2022. We have also added 4 EV car charging points to increase our environmental impact. 

Motus Refurbishment

Extending thier 5,679 sq ft unit to 6,600 sq ft by upgrading the roofing, cladding, service areas with a new extension to the rear of the motor vehicle worksop making it DAF compliant.

Future Projects

The Reach, 70,040 Sq Ft

Brand new 70,040 sq ft warehouse with the latest kinspan solar panel roofing, EV car charging points with the aim to make our estate as enviromentally friendly as possible. 

The Glide, 134,000 Sq Ft

A new 134,000 sqft unit with EV charge points and solar panel roofing. This new unit boast a large service area with ample parking and potential for a 20,000 sq ft office.

Solar Farm

4 acre solar farm being installed in 2022 to produce around 600,000 Kwh of power per year with the aim to grow the solar farm to supply the whole estate. 

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